“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
— Henry David Thoreau

The poetry of all things is what captures me, 'tis the essence of the soul.

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April 17th
6:31 PM

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Do you have the Disney Karaoke Series: Frozen album?

I downloaded the deluxe edition of the sound track which has 2 CDs. Is comes with quite a few karaoke versions of the main songs :) highly recommended for evenings alone and shower singing.

"I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good."

Roald Dahl   (via fuckinq)

Life fricking motto.

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careers to consider when I finish uni:

  • girl in 1960s Paris with winged eyeliner and a fringe who sits in cafes and bars and drinks sherry
  • WWII war nurse
  • muse for a late 19th century artist
  • archaeologist in the 30s
  • suffragette
  • background character in a Wodehouse story
  • incorporeal sense of vague dissatisfaction


April 16th
11:33 PM
City lights on Darling Harbour. Perfect for long chats with old friends on a chilly night.

City lights on Darling Harbour. Perfect for long chats with old friends on a chilly night.

How to make Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

10:20 AM

Portrait of a young lady, Detail.
by Louis Hersent, (1830)

Portrait of a young lady, Detail.

by Louis Hersent, (1830)

April 15th
2:40 PM

Secrets, Detail. by Frederic Soulacroix

Secrets, Detail. by Frederic Soulacroix

7:45 AM
Hotel breakfasts are too cute. Time to checkout!

Hotel breakfasts are too cute. Time to checkout!

April 14th
8:59 PM

Dining alone 2

I chose this place only because of the awesome desserts. I feel like I should also get a main though. Mozzarella salad, sounds alright. Must be enough room for dessert!

There is a guy next to me who is also eating alone. Should I jokingly ask why he is alone. Might sound like a bit too much of a pick up line. Going from talking to people all day then going back to the silent whiteness of my hotel room is driving me a little insane. Just before I came to dinner I was singing Frozen karaoke. No complaints, yet.

Salad is here. Tastes like a cold wet garden. Found a tiny live beetle. At least it’s fresh? I have clearly missed the trend in the literal naming of salads. I had a corn salad the other day. It was just corn. No greens. This salad: peas, beans, pea tendrils and rasdishes. No other salad leaves to bulk it out. The taste is improving. Mmmm I can smell Lonely guys’ chips…. Tempted to ask for one. The radish actually tastes good!

Live beetle is running around the table. He is about to go off the edge… Now I look strange trying to spot my run away dinner guest. Just when I thought I had avoided dining alone! Just realised I wasn’t using my fancy cloth napkin. It is taking me forever to eat this damn salad! I blame the peas… And the live blogging.

Broken glass! Not mine thank god. Beetle is still AWOL. Ok finally done. Dessert! Lonely guy is gone. Should have got one of the chips he left behind.

Mmmm chocolate panacotta with figs (see Instagram for evidence). So intense! Well I shall bid you adieu from the industrial chic restaurant at Penrith. Dining alone part 2 was a success.

P.s. Continental breakfast this morning was HUGE. Two croissants like what? Topped it off with a walk to work so it all equals out.

8:35 PM

Best thing about eating out alone: being able to use your phone the whole time and not being considered rude.

8:22 PM

Live blogging?

Currently sitting alone in a Chinese restaurant. The staff haven’t been too obviously judgement. This has definitely helped with the awkwardness. They also have sat me near other people which is kind of them. I took the advice of a stranger I met at work who travel alone frequently… I bought a book along.

I have eaten alone before, but apparently book reading is the best way to ward off ‘weirdos’ and other lonely people. Again, according to the stranger.

This place has a minimum of $12 per person. Which I haven’t worked out the reason for yet. It is extremely annoying because I wasn’t very hungry and the $6 soup alone would have suited me fine.

The soup is salty and gelatinous. On second thoughts I’m glad I got the vegetables too.

Now using soup as a sauce for vegetables. Mild improvement. Why is the Chinese food I keep getting so disappointing?

Did I mention work is paying for this? Well they are. At least I don’t have to pay for disappointment this time. Maybe I should have just got toast from room service? However I am terrified that it won’t be covered by work. Basically turning into $20 toast and leading to me being kicked out of the hotel.

Soup is congealing on veggies. I’m basically eating liquid fat. At least the tiny bits of duck are good. And I do have malteasers back in my room…

Trying to finish off the rest of the food. Slowly giving up. I guess eating alone wasn’t that bad. I’ll save Lady Chatley’s Lover for another time.